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Leveraging the knowledge of over 200 global industry experts, TMX is here to accelerate your supply chain operations, enhance your supply chain strategies, and evolve your solutions to ensure a resilient supply chain.

Gerry Power, UK Head of Country at TMX Transform, said: “It’s a critical time for supply chains in the UK and Europe, with the economic repercussions of the pandemic, Brexit and the conflict in Ukraine leading businesses to focus on how they can develop robust and agile supply chains to give themselves a competitive edge. Our customers are at the heart of we do, which is why we have established our base in London to service clients in this region.”

End-to-end supply chain offering

We provide practical supply chain solutions at any point or end-to-end, and partner with clients to invent their tomorrow. Backed by significant industry and operational experience, our solutions have delivered more than $5billion in improvements for our clients.

Supply chain strategy

Ensuring you develop a supply chain strategy that delivers value and competitive advantage. Our strategies achieve savings of between 10-30% for our clients.

DC Design & optimisation

From optimising existing operations to designing automated greenfield facilities, we increase operational performance for our clients globally.

Freight & logistics

Our effective freight & logistics solutions are developed to meet your business objectives, provide cost and compliance results, and are fully integrated into your supply chain. Our clients achieve an average of 17% savings.

Demand & supply planning

We analyse your inventory performance and develop improved planning and inventory management processes to increase working capital efficiency.

Program management

From business strategy and operational transformation to new infrastructure and change management, we work with you to understand your business needs.

Advanced manufacturing

Focusing on value creation, our experienced team of lean manufacturing experts systematically eliminate waste and inefficiency to improve your bottom line and competitive advantage.


We can identify and implement decarbonisation initiatives across the supply chain, to provide businesses with tangible actions that allow them to reach their corporate sustainability commitments.

Supply chain technology

Our supply chain technology optimises operations, improves visibility, and streamlines processes enabling you to effectively manage inventory, refine logistics and help meet customer demands, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

The power of pre-implementation visualisation

TMX Transform goes beyond conventional methods to solve client problems by leveraging innovative simulation, digital twin and virtual reality technology.


Powered by TMX intellectual property, these tools allow clients to collaborate, visualize, validate, and test optimized solutions before live implementation. This approach not only quantifies performance indicators, but assesses financial and carbon impacts, and ensures seamless and efficient transformation.

Meet the TMX UK Team

Gerry Power

UK Chief Operating Officer

Alistair Binns

Commercial Director in Customer & Pursuits

Brian Luck

Director in Supply Chain

Matt Unali

Senior Consultant in Supply Chain

Rhyce Dawson

Senior Consultant in Supply Chain

Marijke Voet

Commercial Manager in Customer & Pursuits

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