Finding The Right Warehouse

Finding the right warehouse

On the critical need to find the right property solution.

Written by

Kia Ora


1 April 2024

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WE HEAR A lot about the housing affordability crisis – but the industrial property sector is no exception to rising rents, with demand skyrocketing for industrial storage and warehouse space in New Zealand and Australia.

Industrial property is the backbone of every supply chain network, and sourcing and securing the best site is key to business continuity and growth. Getting it right means your business can identify efficiencies to optimise your current space, downsize your footprint, improve your distribution and transport efficiencies, move, or expand – it all depends on what your business needs and where it wants to go.

Utilising their integrated industrial real estate, construction project management and supply chain services, TMX Transform works with clients to find the right location at the right price, then supports them throughout the build.

The aim: to facilitate the most efficient flow of goods from distribution centre to customer – supercharging the entire supply chain network in the process. Global disruptions have highlighted the impact on supply chain inefficiencies and the crucial need to supply chain resilience.

Global shipping and integrated logistics giant Maersk asked TMX Transform to help them find the ideal location for a new cold-storage facility to serve the upper North Island and its wider New Zealand customer base.

TMX Transform helped Maersk to secure all their requirements and more. Located in the so-called “golden triangle” between Hamilton, Auckland and Tauranga, the Ruakura Superhub is an inland port and logistics hub that is transforming shipping along New Zealand’s busiest freight corridor.

When complete, the 490ha project will include retail and residential and is set to become one of the largest workplaces in the Waikato. Ruakura Superhub is changing the game for Maersk and its customers. Its new 45,000sqm cold store has easy road access to markets across the North Island and the inland port provides a seamless link to the Ports of Auckland and Tauranga.

As project managers, TMX Transform advised and liaised with Maersk to define build requirements. They aim to achieve a minimum 5 Green Star rating with the eventual goal of 6 stars – the highest of any cold store in New Zealand. Cutting-edge design has enabled Maersk to limit its environmental footprint through solar panels, using CO2 instead of ammonia in all freezers, collecting rainwater and providing EV charging stations.

It’s a huge project, but one that TMX Transform delivered thanks to their mix of integrated services, including project management and expertise in supply chain logistics. TMX also has some of the best tech in the business, including simulations that allow customers to predict future scenarios and pressure-test solutions.

Now, with the opening of the state-of-the-art facility at Ruakura Superhub, TMX Transform again demonstrates the power of supply chain solutions – proving that when it comes to future-proofing business property, the adage “location, location, location” has never been truer.

This article was originally published in Air New Zealand's Kia Ora April 2024 magazine.

The world moves fast. Stay ahead.
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