Consumer Packaged Goods

Everyday products require widespread distribution through various channels. Valued globally at USD $3tn, the level of competition in the industry is expected to grow +17% annually, placing immense pressure on company supply chains to maintain competitive advantage.
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Industry challenges

Addressing the right issues

Develop resilient and adaptive strategies to navigate ever-evolving challenges.

Meeting customer expectations

Consumers now relish in choice as a result of frequent product development and sales. Effectively managing new products involves an understanding of manufacturing complexity, distribution logistics, and a responsive production base.

Planning for seasonality

Spikes in demand and promotional activities create a challenging environment to accurately manage supply. Supply and demand planning initiatives are crucial to address inventory optimization.

Cost-competitive market

In a highly challenging cost-constrained setting, it is imperative to strategically utilize cost management measures to not only endure but also sustain competitiveness.

Packaging design & sustainability

Manufacturers face challenges adapting to shorter batch sizes due to consumer expectations for variety. Integrating sustainable practices in clever packaging design enhances flexibility and promotes operational efficiency for long-term viability.

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