Bitzer - German refrigeration and air conditioning manufacturer

TMX's comprehensive services, spanning purpose-built design, property procurement, and project management, provided tailored solutions for Bitzer's success.

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Key challenges
  • Facility consolidation: Bitzer needed assistance in consolidating their various facilities into a single location, streamlining their operations.
  • Critical lease deadline: With an impending critical lease date for their distribution center, Bitzer faced the urgency of securing a new facility.
  • Proximity to manufacturing: The new site had to be in close proximity to the client's existing manufacturing facility to ensure the retention of key staff. This presented a challenge due to the limited availability of serviced land parcels.

Bitzer had previously engaged with the market, therefore, it was imperative to convey a sincere commitment to the project to the property owners.

Our approach

TMX's teams collaborated to design Bitzer's new facility, ensuring a seamless procurement process and effective project management for its delivery. Their cooperative approach guaranteed a holistic and tailored solution for Bitzer's needs, exemplifying the power of end-to-end services.

Here is how each TMX division contributed to addressing Bitzer's needs:

Design Team

  • Created a facility layout tailored to maximize Bitzer's business efficiency – we addressed Bitzer's distinct inventory, including items of varying sizes, shapes, and weights, ensuring seamless integration within the design.
  • TMX's in-house architects translated the layout into detailed drawings for the future facility, aligning it with Bitzer's complex processes and inventory needs.
  • The design team's efforts resulted in a practical and purpose-built solution that met Bitzer's specific challenges and requirements.

Industrial Real Estate

  • Conducted a comprehensive two-stage property procurement process to identify suitable sites, including both on and off-market options, in Bitzer's preferred location.
  • Undertook a detailed technical review of the shortlisted RFT responses, ensuring that Bitzer could make accurate comparisons among the offerings.
  • Managed the legal process by initially utilizing the TMX Heads of Agreement, with a particular focus on early access provisions.
  • Supervising the legal process to quickly finalize the Agreement for Lease and final lease agreements.

Project Management

  • Managed the project during the construction phase of the purpose-built solution.

Extremely helpful, very knowledgeable and TMX were always on our side and fighting for our corner to get the best deal. I don’t have a comparison of a TMX like company.

Simon Wood, CEO, Bitzer
The results
  • Ensured staff retention: By sourcing a nearby off-market greenfield solution, Bitzer retained key employees, as the new site was just 1km (0.62mi) from their existing manufacturing facility.
  • Cost savings and stability: The precise definition of custom requirements in the base building saved Bitzer approximately AUD$770,000, preventing rental adjustments and reducing future make-good expenses, offering cost stability.
  • Streamlined transition: The inclusion of several fit-out items in the early access clauses of the Heads of Agreement facilitated a smooth transition to "go live," ensuring efficiency.
  • Compliance and safety: The facility design adhered to Bitzer's strict global safety and environmental requirements, guaranteeing compliance and enhancing operational safety.
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