Munro Footwear Group - Australian footwear retailer

TMX was appointed by Munro Footwear Group to negotiate a lease, design, and develop a new 5-Star Green Star rated facility, aiming to innovate and enhance operations to accommodate a substantial increase in demand. Scroll down to watch CCO/CFO Marcus Bartlett's testimonial.

Supply Chain
Industrial Real Estate
Construction Project Management
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Key challenges

Explosive eCommerce growth: Munro found itself in the midst of a spectacular eCommerce boom, driven by surging consumer demand for footwear during the pandemic. This unprecedented growth had outgrown its existing facilities, creating a bottleneck for expansion.

Inefficient supply chain in the face of soaring demand: The surge in consumer demand not only strained Munro's supply chain but also revealed its inefficiencies in handling online growth, managing increased returns, and delivering value-added services. Meeting the elevated expectations of customers became a paramount challenge.

Achieving efficiency and sustainability: Munro recognized the urgent need for a more efficient warehousing operation that would seamlessly blend cutting-edge automation technology with sustainability. This strategic shift was essential to continue satisfying consumer demand and maintaining the highest levels of service excellence.

Our approach

TMX streamlined Munro's warehouse operations by conceptualizing and building a dynamic, adaptable and semi-automated facility. The strategy involved consolidating two separate operations into one distribution center to address and mitigate any existing inefficiencies and complexities within Munro’s supply chain.

Here's a glimpse of what we accomplished for our client:

Supply Chain

  • Assessment of Munro’s current operations.
  • Development of a forward-looking network strategy aligned with Munro's multi-year growth plan.
  • State-of-the-Art Facility Design - during the design process, we utilized industry-leading Virtual Reality software allowing Munro to experience and approve design concepts in a 3D-scale preview.
  • Procurement and successful implementation of Goods-To-Persons & Warehouse Management System (WMS) technology.

Industrial Real Estate

  • Identification of Munro's specific property needs.
  • Effective property leasing through an Expression of Interest (EOI) approach.
  • Engaged in the tender and AFL negotiation process, resulting in favorable outcomes for the client.

Project Management

  • Led the delivery of Munro’s new facility and ensured the seamless integration of their fit-out requirements.
  • Successfully managed the integration of cutting-edge automation into the facility.

We have only achieved the outcome as a result of partnering with TMX and they have added value along the way. The warehouse and design are brilliant, we absolutely got the right outcome. The operational focus and professionalism of TMX was really important.

Marcus Bartlett, CCO/CFO, Munro Footwear Group
The results
  • Munro's move to a AUD$50 million state-of-the-art facility enables them to handle a 25% annual sales growth across e-commerce and retail.
  • The new warehouse boasts one of Australia's largest fleets of autonomous mobile robots (AMR), increasing efficiency and improving employee safety.
  • The new facility is designed for a 5-Star Green Star Rating and offers a high-quality, environmentally friendly workspace for employees.
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